COVID-19 Volunteer Update

The Volunteer Action Centre Waterloo Region recognizes that in times of community distress many individuals want to be of assistance, helping where there is need. In almost every form of emergency, the offer of help and willingness to gather to get things done is appreciated. In a pandemic, this is not the case. Social distancing is the recommended course for containing virus spread.

During this time it is so important to help out your neighbours in the best way you can during this pandemic. Some ideas to help those closest around you, while maintaining social distancing: 

  1. Call your neighbours to see if they need anything (Ex. pick up groceries and drop off at porch, someone to talk to on the phone, someone to help with their lawn, etc)
  2. Drop a note off in their mailbox or connect virtually
  3. Share resources with each other as needed

Volunteering Resources

At VAC, we want to provide and equip you, your organization and your family with the latest resources that relate to volunteering duirng this pandemic. We ARE working on new ways to engage going forward.

For more resources visit Volunteer Canada's COVID-19 Resources.

Community Services

If you need help finding community services during this time please call #211 or check out their website.

Keep up to date with news in the Waterloo Region

Stay informed during this time! The Waterloo Region website is a great resource for the latest information on COVID-19 in the area.


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